A strong team for strong children

We stick together, because even as experts, we attach great importance to exchange. Because we are convinced that together we are strong, so we can give our best every day. Our team consists of professionals who will be happy to assist you with their well-founded specialist knowledge and their empathetic personality. We look forward to meet you.

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Wilken

Diplom Psychologist, head of the institute

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Studies and PhD

Since 2019 Further training in psychotherapy of trauma disorders

2001-2008 Doctorate on the eating behavior of premature babies (University of Bonn/Osnabrück) 

1999-2001 Study of tube dependency (University Hospital Graz)

1995-2001 Studied psychology at the Universities of Osnabrück and Graz

Career history

2018-2019 Development of early therapy for traumatized infants

2017-2019 Establishment of the institute for tube dependency 

2016-2017 Lecturer in psychopathology and psychotherapy at the Fresenius Hochschule in Cologne

2011-2016 International treatments and workshops in the field of tube dependency

2013-2015 Efficacy of the tubedependency proven on the longitudinal section

2009-2011 Head of the pediatric department of eating and feeding in Darmstadt

2003-2009 Treatment of tube dependency in Germany and other European countries

2008 Proven of the Efficacy of tube dependency therapy

Antonia Maria Jockenhöfer

Diploma in Healing education

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Study and training

2020-2022 Trauma consultant
2020-2021 Trauma educator
2020-2021 I.B.T. Integrative attachment-based trauma therapy, trauma therapy for infants and young children
2020 Prechtl Method for Analysis of General Movements Basic Course, Univ-Prof. Dr Christa Einspieler

2017-2019 Emotional first aid consultant, bonding promotion, crisis counseling, parent-baby therapy, Thomas Harms, Bremen

2014-2017 Basic Bonding course instructor, early prevention including body-related methods to promote the emotional bond between parents and infants, Thomas Harms, Bremen    

2015 – 2016 PäPKi - Pedagogical practice for child development, for babies and toddlers, Dr. Wibke Bein-Wierzbinski, Hamburg

2014 – 2016 Systemic child, youth and family counselor, Essen

2015 Systemic educational counselor, Dortmund

2014 SAFE mentor training, + additional SAFE for premature babies, Dr. medical Karl Heinz Brisch, Berlin 

2011-2013 Development-promoting neonatal companion, development-promoting support for families with premature and sick newborns, training center for lactation and breastfeeding, Ottenstein 

2006-2011 Healing education with a diploma from the R-W-L University of Applied Sciences in Bochum 

Career history

Seit 2021 Lecturer at the Protestant University of Bochum, early support for infants

Since 2019 Self-employed Emotional First Aid consultant in educational support, crisis advice, sleep support

Seit 2017 Self-employed basic bonding course instructor (emotional first aid) in the accompaniment of bonding and crying problems in infants

Seit 2016 Self-employed PäPKi therapist and development facilitator for infants and their parents

Seit 2015 Freelance teacher in mobile early healing support, specializing in premature and sick infants, parent-baby support

Seit 2014 Healing early intervention, specialized in infants, interdisciplinary early intervention center in Bochum

Dr. rer. nat. Nadine Pohl

Diplom Psychologin und psychologische Psychotherapeutin

Nadine Pohl

Studies and PhD

2009-2015 Promotion an der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität TübingenTitel der Arbeit: Therapeutenkompetenz und Manualtreue als Prädiktoren des Therapieerfolgs bei Patienten mit Diabetes und Depression, Erwerb des Dr. rer. nat

2007-2010 Ausbildung zur psychologischen Psychotherapeutin an der Kölner Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie (AVT)

2002-2007 Psychologiestudium an der Universität Bielefeld

Career history

seit 2018 Durchführung von verhaltenstherapeutischen Gruppen im Rahmen des konservativen Programms vor bariatrischer Operation am St. Franziskushospital Köln

seit 2015 Dozentin an der AVT

2010-2017 Tätigkeit an der Klinik für Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie der Uniklinik Köln

2012-2013 Psychologische Tätigkeit in der orthopädischen-tagesklinischen Rehabilitationseinrichtung der Uni-Reha Köln an der Universitätsklinik Köln

2010-2012 Leitung psychologischer Gruppen im Rahmen des Optifast-Programms für adipöse

2008-2010 Tätigkeit als Psychotherapeutin in der 

2008-2010 Tätigkeit als wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft der Uniklinik Köln

2007-2008 Rheinische Landeskliniken

2007-2008 AVT-Institutsambulanz Köln – Psychotherapeutische Ambulanz

Tabea Nagel

Psychology student B.Sc.

2021 Dr. Markus Assistant

2019-2021 Health and Nursing Assistant at Werne Hospital

2019-2020 Volunteer at Pro Talis

2019  Began studying psychology at the University of Duisburg-Essen

2019 High-school diploma

Titelbild by Providence Doucet on Unsplash


Titelbild by Providence Doucet on Unsplash