Learning from each other

There is a lively working atmosphere in workshops. We would like to work with you on topics that are difficult for your work or being with the child. The focus is often on eating or refusing to eat. However, the center is only a small part of the circle. What is behind the child's refusal, what motivates the child to eat or not. How can we support parents in the transition from enteral to oral feeding.

For this purpose, we have been offering workshops for years, which, using living examples and tailored to your situation, throw a new and lively light on a difficult topic such as early childhood refusal to eat. If you would like to organize a workshop for your team, together with colleagues or for your clinic, then contact us to turn the idea into a real and bright exchange. 


  • How does the food refusal arise?
  • Therapeutic work with severe feeding disorders
  • Therapy of tube dependency 
  • Early childhood trauma after intensive care
  • Accompanying traumatized parents after intensive care experience
  • Affective Resuscitation



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Titelfoto by Hannah Busing on Unsplash