Institute of Feeding Tube Dependency

Alfredstr. 167
45131 Essen

Telephone consultation hour

Phone: 0201-84850327

1. Contact form

We will work with you to develop an individual therapy plan. For data protection reasons, please do not formulate your request in too much detail.

2. We contact you

In der Regel antwortet unser Büro innerhalb von 1-3 Werktagen.Ihr Anliegen wird in die Kartei der „neuen Patienten“ aufgenommen und Sie erhalten weitere Informationen zu unserem Therapiekonzept.

3. Initial Phone Interview

You will have the opportunity to formulate your request in an initial phone contact with us. You can present your concerns and questions directly with a therapist and we have the opportunity to find out the best way to help you. You will receive another email in which an appointment for an initial telephone consultation will be suggested to you.

4. Create a treatment plan for you

Sollten Sie sich für unsere Therapie entscheiden, erhalten sie von uns einen Anamnesebogen, den Sie uns gemeinsam mit Videosequenzen, sowie weiteren medizinischen Unterlagen zukommen lassen.
Based on the documents you provide, a non-binding cost estimate bill will be prepared for you, precisely tailored to the needs of your child. This serves - in addition to the cover letter prepared by us and an individual assessment protocol - for submission to your health insurance company.

5. Scheduling

As soon as we create a treatment program together with you, we will adjust a period program that suits you. The dates varies depending on the program.

6. Treatment initiation

With a treatment program created individually for you, you already know in advance what to expect.
This also includes a follow-up period, individually tailored to your therapy performance, so that you always have the security and freedom to formulate questions and concerns (detailed information can be found in the protocol).